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Monday, 24 April 2017


Flour.                   500g
Fat.                       50g
Onion.                   1 bulb
Yeast.                    1 tablespoon
Grated nutmeg.     pinch
Sugar.                     100g
Minced meat.         300g
Vegetable oil.        2 tablespoon
Seasoning.             1 cube
Salt.                        Pinch

1. Mix flour with yeast, sugar, nutmeg, salt, egg, milk and fat to make bread
2. Season the minced meat with onion, seasoning and vegetable oil.
3. Roll out and cut sizes of mould.
4. Put in greased pans to bake or cook on a grill.
5. Slice bread but do not cut completely.
6. In-between the bread, place the hamburger meat, fresh tomatoes, steamed or pickled cucumber, blanched onions, tomato ketchup.

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