Love part 2

We all have high hopes on love and relationships that comes with it. Because of this high hopes which are often brought down, people prefer not to fall in love.
    They often say that love does not exist not because it really does not exist but because its hard to find. Or better still, maybe because its hard to find true love.
Yes! That's it - true love. Its sometimes hard to find two people who have equal love for each other. Its either the boy loves the girl more or the girl loves the boy more.
Love that is only one-sided is very frustrating, this is because at some point you'll expect that person to reciprocate the love.
Most time people say " the love I have for you is enough for two of us" but is it really true? Is it enough?
I don't think so, a time will come when your love alone won't be enough "it takes two to tangle" you'll feel rejected when you fail to make that person love you just as you love the person.
But as they say "there's no harm in trying" The person might love you and he might not. You should be ready to accept the decision of that person. Love shouldn't be forced. If you are able to make the person fall in love with you, then good for you but if the person does not fall in love with you its better to let the person be, and hope to find a better love next time.


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