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Flour.                   500g
Fat.                       50g
Onion.                   1 bulb
Yeast.                    1 tablespoon
Grated nutmeg.     pinch
Sugar.                     100g
Minced meat.         300g
Vegetable oil.        2 tablespoon
Seasoning.             1 cube
Salt.                        Pinch

1. Mix flour with yeast, sugar, nutmeg, salt, egg, milk and fat to make bread
2. Season the minced meat with onion, seasoning and vegetable oil.
3. Roll out and cut sizes of mould.
4. Put in greased pans to bake or cook on a grill.
5. Slice bread but do not cut completely.
6. In-between the bread, place the hamburger meat, fresh tomatoes, steamed or pickled cucumber, blanched onions, tomato ketchup.

FOOD PREFERENCES - Health and Sweetness

Most people have different preferences when it comes to food consumption. Some prefer food that are healthy why most people prefer to eat sweet food.
     Preferences in food can greatly affect the  increase or decrease in the consumption of a particular food. Let's take for example, watermelon which is consumed by some persons because of its healthy nutrient, may not be consumed by someone who likes sweet food and does not consider it sweet enough for his or her taste.
     Forcing a person to eat a particular food because it contains healthy nutrients that the person really needs may not be a good idea.
The person may only eat it for one or two days and stop eating it because he or she does not like the taste and the person may end up vomiting in the process.
     It is therefore important to give the person other food that the person likes which contains the nutrients that he or she really needs.
    If the person is supposed to consume watermelon because it contains vitamin c…