how to prepare braised rice



1.    Rice – 4 cups

2.    Chicken – 500g

3.    Stock, preferably chicken stock – 120ml

4.    Onion – 1 bulb

5.    Butter – 50g

6.    Maggi – 1 cube


1.    Parboil the rice

2.    Add 25g of butter in a pan

3.    Add onion, cook gently for 2 minutes without coloring

4.    Add the rice, cook gently without coloring for 2 minutes

5.    Add the stock to rice

6.    Season, cover and allow it to boil

7.    Place in a hot oven for about 15 minutes until it is cooked

8.    Remove immediately into a sauce pan and mix in the remaining butter

9.    Check well for seasoning and serve


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