how to prepare banga soup

1.    6 milk cup of Palm fruits
2.    I medium fish
3.    8 pieces of goat meat
4.    1 teaspoon of grounded pepper
5.    I medium onions
6.    8 uda seeds(ground)
7.    Half teaspoon crushed dried bitter leave (washed bitter leave)
8.    One and half bottles of water
9.    Salt
1.    Wash the palm fruits, pour it into a pot, add water and cover the pot, then allow it to boil until tender
2.    Squeeze the juice from the palm fruits using up the one and half bottles of water
3.    Leave in the bowl for 5 minutes for particles to settle and then filter the juice into a sauce pan
4.    Put the sauce pan on fire with the meat and allow to boil until it is fairly thick
5.    Add the pepper, salt,  seasoning, including the grounded uda seed.
6.    Wash the fish and add it into the soup
7.    Cook for about 15 minutes till fish is cooked and the soup is tasty
8.    Bring down the pot of soup from the fire and serve with pounded yam or eba.


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