three very funny jokes

It's always the cute guys that will walk up to you with charming eyes, and whisper  to you, "my friend likes you" then he will point at one monkey with big forehead like that of rabbit.

A blind man appeared in court on a murder charge for beating a young man to death....
The judge asked the blind man: What do you have to say in your defense? For I see you have chosen not to have a lawyer.
The blind man replied: Well your Honor, I was walking down the road tapping my cane to guide me when I accidentally tap a young man's foot. The young man shouted in a loud voice, "Blind man if you hit me with that stick again you will see!"
So just like the woman who touched Jesus' robe and was healed, I decided to have faith. So I hit him and hit him and hit him, and up to this day I still can't see.
The judge says: "Case dismissed. You're free to go"

A guy posted on Facebook
   And he blocked me!
My people, did I say anything wrong?

" All ladies are like recharge cards, use them and throw away". And I replied: "Which network is your mum?


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