Oh my love! Where did thou go
I’m searching for you but seems not to find you.
Where has the wind blown you to 
Come to me my love
Let me  feel your warm embrace
Your hands caressing my skin
Me looking into your eyes
And finding peace in thy presence
You have enveloped me with so much feelings
Come let me pour out the love I have for you on you
I wish to wake up with you by my side each morning
Please wind, bring back my love
Come back to me love, please come
My heart beats for your return
My ears seek to hear the sound of your voice
My eyes wishes to behold thee
Come to me love, please come
My hope of ever seeing you is falling down like a dried leave falling from the tree
The sun comes and goes each day yet you have not come to me
Now I know you’ll never be mine
You have gone with the wind.


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