Tuesday, 9 May 2017

funny story

An English language teacher
in a junior secondary school gave  her students in Jss 1 class homework
saying, "Write a story that ends with,
''And so, she got angry''." The teacher didn't specify the amount of words to be written.
A little girl didn't even go home to write hers, but used only 3 minutes to write it in class after the teacher left.
The next day, all the students
submitted their work. The teacher was smiling while marking because,all the students did well.
     Some were able to write about 400 words and over. When the teacher got to the little girl's own,it read,
''Our teacher gave us homework, but i didn't want to do it, I wrote only two
lines, and so, he got angry''

Which pass mark do you think she deserves?

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