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Differences between metatrader 4 and metatrader 5

Both MT4 and MT5 provide pioneering automated trading systems with expert advisors. However, they each serve a very different function and, contrary to popular belief, MT5 is not an upgrade of MT4. MT4 was specifically built for forex traders, whereas MT5 was designed to provide traders with access to CFDs, stocks and futures. Determine which platform is right for you with this handy infographic. Charts Candlestick There are many candlestick patterns to guide traders to identify bullish reversals, bearish reversals and continuation of the existing trend. Bar Chart There are also few price patterns using bars that reveal the market's sentiment. For example, up day, down day, inside day and outside day. Line Chart The simplicity and ease of use of the line chart sacrifices the extra information of open, high and low price. MT4 Interface MetaTrader 4 is simple and easy to use for forex traders. The platform allows users to customize the interface to their trading needs. MT5 I…



Water                        (Lukewarm) 1 cup
Salt                             1/4 Table spoon
Margarine                50g
Flour                          300g
Eggs                            1g
Sugar                         70g
Yeast                          1/2 teaspoon
Banana                     3 pieces

PREPARATION PROCEDURE Peel and blend the bananaWith rubbing in method, mix all the ingredients together (flour, sugar, margarine)Beat the egg and add water to it.Pour the egg and water inside the mixturePour banana pasteMix all thoroughly to form a doughKnead for 10 minutesPut in a greased bowl and cover with a clean handkerchiefAllow for about 1½ hoursKnock back the dough and knead againCut into your desired shape and put of in a tray or bread panCover with polythene until it becomes double inside or morePre-heat the ovenBake until it becomes golden brownRemove from oven and allow to coolYou can serve with juice or any drink of your choice

What is student loan refinancing?

What is Student Loan Refinancing?

Refinancing student loans allow you to do a few things. If you have multiple loans, you can combine them into one brand new loan making it more convenient to stay on top of personal finances. You’ll also sometimes have the opportunity to release cosigners on your existing loans eliminating them from any liability for your loans. But probably most exciting is the opportunity to save money. With a student loan refinance, you are replacing all of your existing student loans (or a single student loan if you only have one) with a new loan with new terms. By qualifying for a lower interest rate or reducing the payback period of the new loan, you could save thousands in interest over the life of the loan.

Refinance Student Loans

Save thousands by refinancing through credit unions and community banks that prioritize people over profits.


Checking rates will NOT affect your credit score.

Savings of over

rates as low as (with AutoPay)



How many percent of gold is in 18 karat gold

"Caratage" is simply the measurement of purity of gold alloyed with other metals. 24 carat is generally accepted as pure gold with no other metals. Lower caratages contain less gold; 18 carat gold contains 75% percent gold and 25% other metals, often copper or silver.
    An 18 carat gold represents 75% gold and other metals. This can be calculated by dividing the carats by 24. That is, 18/24=0.75 value of gold
    To get the percentage, multiply it by 100. That is 0.75×100=75% gold.

    There are some other values of gold that is sold they include; 0.999 0.995 0.990 or 22 carats, 14 carats etc  depending on what you buy as gold.

List of carats of Gold and the gold content

Purity: 22 carat gold
Gold content(wt.%):91.6

Purity:18 carat gold
Gold content(wt.%):75.0

Purity:14 carat gold
Gold content:58.5

Purity:9 carat gold
Gold content:37.5

Which do you prefer, Gold or silver?

lots of precious stones and semi precious stones have been and is still being used to make Jewelry. Jewelry which is made with gemstones, shell, bead and precious metals such as gold and silver is used in many occasions. Jewelries such as necklace, rings, anklets, earrings etc is used in many occasions. Most people use it as a form of dowry while some use it as a form of ornament, etc. Whatever purpose it is used for, people always have preferences when it comes to what their Jewelry is made of. Most people prefer gold, some silver, others diamond or pearl etc. Whatever their preferences are, there is always a reason why they choose one above the other. When it comes to a choice of Jewelry, a person's personality, attractiveness, and interest comes to play. Now let's look at a case study of gold and silver. Some say that Gold is mostly accumulated over time as gifts by family or in the form of small pieces for investment, that Gold is still considered a p…

Beautiful zee world actresses

Food and health quiz 1 Pick the right answer for each question What is the chemical name of vitamin B?
Ascorbic acid

The two major classes of fruits are
Spoilt fruits and fresh fuits
Fresh fruits and dried fruits
Dried fruits and watery fruits
Strong fruits and weak fruits

One of these is used to prepare Indian rice pudding (kheer)
Baking powder
Palm oil

What ingredient makes bread rise?
Baking powder

A person who does not eat meat is called
Non-meat eater
Fish eater

What star is awarded to restaurants where the service and cooking levels are outstanding?
Five star
Golden star
Best cook star

The following are root vegetables except

What is considered the sweetest fruit in the world?

A diabetic should not eat the following, except
Sugar-sweetened beverages
Dried fruits

where does the word mocha come from?