Indians celebrates world laughter day

The first sunday of may each year marks the world laughter day. The celebration was initiated by by Dr Madan Kataria founder of the world wide laughter yoga movement since 1998
        This year, laughter yoga communities in Mumbai celebrated day as your daily routine , the only difference is four days special occasion always extra louder and harder laughter.
        A group of laughter yoga practitioners gathered in the park doing their daily exercises. They laughed together and loudly at the same time. They seemed joyful and happy
        A good laughter has always been a part of Indian traditional culture which people naturally bond with each other emotionally and socially. However as people's live are getting busier and stressful, there is little time for inclination to enjoy a natural laugh. According to recent studies more than thirteen percent of Indians suffer from different levels of mental illness and stress has become an important reason behind it. It is an event in which people comes together not as strangers but friends to forget all their worries and problems and laugh together.
      People find it more easier to do yoga when there is laughter involved. They make them do exercises covering their whole body from head to toe. Health problems with cervical bones and nerves -these exercise are beneficial for all these.
        Lots of communities in India has been practising lots of yoga for years now, celebrating the positive paver of a good laugh and tapping into many of the health benefits of laughter yoga


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