Love part 1

At a point in our lives we all want to fall in love - when I say fall in love, I mean to fall in love with a girl or a boy. To have that person who you'll share your problems with, talk to, laugh with, and spend your life with apart from your parents, siblings, close friends and other relatives.
        There's a point in our lives where we say yes, we are ready for a relationship with a male or female. We often think about good things that comes with love and being in a relationship and we hope and pray that we will find love some day.
      But what if the love we so hoped for comes and its not as we expected.
What if you find that love and it happens to be that you are the one who is in love with that person and the person isn't equally in love with you.
What if your family does not accept the person you are in love with.
What if the person you are in a relationship with or in love with is brutal, beats you all the time and apologizes later
What if you hoped for a rich person then fell in love with a poor person
How are you going to handle the love you found if its not up to your expectations?


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