how to prepare ujuju soup

1.    8 pieces of meat
2.    1 medium smoked fish
3.    2 wrap of ogiri
4.    I tin tomatoes
5.    Ground crayfish
6.    Half milk cup of palm oil
7.    I tablespoon ground pepper
8.    4 cups of water
9.    Two maggi cube (seasoning)
10.    Salt
11.    A bundle of ujuju leave
1.    Wash meat and fish
2.    Prepare the ujuju leaves by removing the back midribs, wash in salty cold water
3.    Pound the leaves to give a paste of dropping consistency
4.    Mash the ogiri to a smoother in a mortar with a pestle
5.    Add fish, ground crayfish, pepper and palm oil and leave to boil for about 10 minutes
6.    Add  the vegetable(ujuju) and simmer for 10 minutes
7.    Season with salt and maggi cube(or any other seasoning)
8.    Serve with pounded yam, eba or fufu.


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