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Friday, 16 June 2017

how to prepare plantain pudding

1.    2 medium size ripe plantain
2.    3 cups of plantain flour
3.    2 dessert spoons ground red pepper
4.    2 dessert spoon ground onions
5.    Salt to taste
6.    One and half cup of red palm oil
7.    Smoked fish
1.    Peel and wash ripe plantain
2.    Beat the plantain in a mortar until it is soft and smooth
3.    Add the plantain flour and mix well
4.    Add salt, pepper and other seasoning and mix well
5.    Add the warm palm oil and mix properly
6.    Add some warm water and mix to a dropping consistency
7.    Add the smoked fish
8.    Wrap in leaves and steam for one and half hour to two hours depending on size
9.    Serve hot or cold.

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